Anavar (Oxandrolone)

Anavar (oxandrolone) for muscle building


Anavar is a modern synthetic anabolic steroid with a sufficient activity index. It was first released in 1964, but is now better known under different brands. This steroid is exclusively artificial, has a heterocyclic A ring in which the oxygen atom replaces the carbon atom. The substance is quite popular because of its high anabolic and low androgenic activity.  Like other AAS, this substance was originally developed as a medicine used for medical purposes. After a short amount of time, the steroid firmly established itself in positions and began to be used in the direction of sports nutrition. For athletes who participate in competitions, this substance is considered banned. As for female athletes, the reception of Anavar for them is considered the best solution. The probability of developing side effects is minimal, and with a high anabolic index, a good weight gain is possible with good safety of the drug.

Anavar (oxandrolone) has a number of the following effects on the body:

1. Improve the hardness and texture of the muscles. Often a steroid is used for these purposes. Bodybuilders who dry their bodies receive a fairly high quality and relief muscle mass without excess water.

2. With the drug strength indicators increase. The drug is often used by athletes, representatives of weight categories of sports, skiers.

3. In the body, the level of growth hormone increases.

4. Burning of fatty deposits.


Oxandrolone is a widely spread steroid drug that promotes the rapid build-up of muscle mass with a minimum amount of water in the body. The substance is ideal for those who want to get the best quality muscles in a short period of time.


Anavar (oxandrolon) for sale

Taking of only a steroid is recommended in order to improve the relief of the musculature. To gain weight with the help of this drug is inefficient and quite expensive. Anavar for sale is available in many online stores. We offer high-quality drug at reasonable prices. With regard to the duration of the course of taking, it lasts for 2 months, with a daily dose of 20 to 80 mg. Such wide dosages are due to the body's response to an extraneous drug, which may be completely unexpected. 

In order to determine the optimal dosage of oxandrolone, it is necessary to take into account quite a few factors: the experience of using steroids, the final goal of the application, the physiological features of the structure of the organism, the number of trainings per week. Anavar for sale you can buy in our online store, and our professional managers will give you the necessary advice. In order to get the maximum increase from the course of anavar as a result, it is important to undergo a full medical examination beforehand and to consult a doctor. During the use of the steroid, you need to monitor your performance and make the necessary adjustments.

Oxandrolone for sale is suitable for men and women. In our online store you can find only a quality product that is ideal for a doctor course. The intake of oxandrolone, it is advisable to build like a ladder. It starts with a minimum dosage of 20 mg, gradually increasing the figure to the optimal. It is also recommended to divide the daily rate into several equal receptions, which will reduce the likelihood of failures and the development of side effects.

Buy anavar (oxandrolone) in our online store

Post-course therapy after the use of an anavar is recommended 2 days after the end of the course. Post-course therapy uses with Tamoxifen, which is used at 10 mg daily. Buy anavar can be in our online store at an affordable price, in addition, the quality of the goods will be on top. No fakes and incomprehensible origin of drugs, only proven manufacturers and firms. We cooperate with many companies directly without intermediaries, which allows you to save on the acquisition to the maximum.

Buy oxandrolone is recommended for those who have the desire to build up mass in a short time, but to do more not increase in quantity, but maximum quality. With the help of Anavar, the body will receive long-awaited "cubes" on your press and a beautiful drawing of muscle. In some cases, the drug can be combined with other drugs, but it needs to be done carefully enough, otherwise it may lead to the development of side effects. For women, the combination of several drugs with each other is strongly undesirable and can cause side effects in the form of increased pressure and tachycardia. In our online store you can not only buy anavar but also get a free consultation about the course of taking this drug.


Anavar (oxandrolone) results

After the beginning of taking a steroid drug, many people have a question, does it really help in the process of building muscle mass. This question is considered quite normal, because the athlete wants to use an exceptionally high-quality drug that will have the proper result. Bodybuilders who use an anavar (oxandrolone) see result almost immediately after ingestion. Already in the first days after the beginning of application it is possible to note the addition of strength, endurance, and also a week later, the drawing of muscles is noticeable. Thus, the athlete receives maximum efficiency in a short period of time. The drug has only positive results on the body. 


Anavar (oxandrolone) before and after

Athletes, who take an anavar in order to prepare for competitions, give an assessment to him, as a fat burner. Also, many note his ability to increase the power indicators without a sharp and quick accumulation of muscles. And if believe the reviews, the effect obtained from using oxandrolone is pretty good. In addition, those who take drugs to drawing muscle, note the appearance of quality biceps, press, beautiful legs and hands, which is difficult to achieve with the use of common substances with androgenic effect. With Anavar (oxandrolone) before and after using there are noticeable good changes in the body. Athletes use this drug for this reason, because it can make the muscles attractive enough for others. For bodybuilders, this effect is especially relevant. Despite the fact that the drug is expensive, which is used exclusively by professionals, not by beginners, it is common among almost all. Even inexperienced novices buy the drug in order to maximize their muscles without side effects and water.


Anavar (oxandrolone) - side effects

Despite the fact that the drug has a number of positive effects for the body, do not forget about the possible development of negative side effects. It is important to know that a drug based on oxandrolone does not cause a huge harm to the liver, even though it is a 17-alpha-alkylated steroid. If believe the research, the anavar (oxandrolone) does not renders side effects when using 20 mg of the drug. In particular, the drug does not affect the state of liver enzymes. Oxandrolone is not peculiar to aromatize in the body, so it does not cause estrogenic effects. As for the possible negative manifestations of an anavar, they are related solely to the ability of a means to suppress the production of natural testosterone in the body, although not essential. Anavar (oxandrolone) has side effects, if significantly increase the dosage. In this case, the drug helps the body stop secreting testosterone altogether.

In the most severe cases, when the athlete exceeds the dosage in several times, testicular atrophy appears. If you follow the instructions completely and do not exceed the dosage, you can save the body from many negative factors. The likelihood of developing negative manifestations is equal to 1%, which is a very good indicator for a steroid drug.


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