Stanozolol for muscle building

Stanozolol - is an anabolic steroid, a popular doping-agent. He gained the greatest popularity in bodybuilding for the getting of muscle mass and strength. However, regardless of the sport in which it is used, improper use of the drug can cause dangerous side effects, because it is a toxic substance. Before using it, find out what kind of drug it is, how to use it, to avoid poisoning and where you can buy the original. Stanozolol (has another name Winstrol) - is a strongly anabolic steroid, that is, one that has the property of creating tissues. It supports the chemical changes that occur in the muscles, affects the rate of flow of nutrients through the membranes of muscle cells and helps increase protein synthesis. The result of these activities is an increase in the high quality of muscle mass and strength. Thanks to a rigid amplifier, the so-called "dry" muscle (without water and fats) is in excellent quality. Many bodybuilders also use it for the so-called "whipping" of the getting mass, because this steroid perfectly sculpts the body. 

Stanozolol is derived from DHT (dihydrotestosterone). DHT is a metabolite of testosterone, the most well-known anabolic hormone that supports the synthesis of muscle proteins and stimulates the development of muscles. If the higher the level of testosterone in the body, the higher the DHT level. According to some researchers, DHT does not affect the muscles and is responsible only for the negative effects of testosterone - seborrhea, alopecia and prostatic hypertrophy. Stanozolol in medicine is used for long-term treatment of angioneurotic edema and can reduce the frequency and severity of these attacks.

Stanozolol for sale

Stanozolol for sale - is nothing more than a DHT formula, with two modifications. At the alpha position, a methyl group is introduced, and ring A is "enriched" with a pyrazole group. With different forms of stanozolol injection, it should be noted that both forms, that is, oral and injection, consist of the same substance. The injection group is an aqueous suspension (it can be taken orally), while the oral group is an active substance and a so-called filler, which together form the form of tablets.

Stanozolol can be used by both men and women, because its anabolic effects outweigh its androgenic effects. Medically, an anabolic steroid is used to treat health conditions, such as anemia and hereditary angioedema. It even affects the improvement of muscle growth, the production of red blood cells, stimulation of appetite and an increase in bone density. The molecular formula of Stanozolol is C22H36N2O and has an active lifespan of 8 to 9 days. Injectable stanozolol can be detected within eight to nine weeks.

Athletes, especially bodybuilders, use Stanozolol for sale, usually with testosterone-based steroids, which leads to a sharp increase in body strength and muscle mass, without causing excessive body weight and fat tissue growth, contributing to the development of vascular and muscular levels. In addition, the use of this synthetic anabolic steroid is not associated with excess water, and many athletes even admire the diuretic action of Winstrol. This is not all, Stanozolol also helps athletes, especially in lifting and bodybuilding, maintain body weight during the metabolism of fats. Stanozolol for sale you can find in our store at an attractive price.

Stanozolol price

Stanozolol price varies depending on the brand name, manufacturer and dose. To buy stanozolol in a regular pharmacy will be difficult. The easiest way to order a product in online stores. 

•    The price of the pill is about 2000 rubles per 100 tablets, a dose of 10 mg. 
•    For injections, stanozolol price can be about 5000 rubles in a package of 10 ml, a dose of 100 mg per 1 ml.

So, before you order a drug, it is very important to know where you are buying steroids? Is this an original source or a fake? Keep in mind that counterfeit drugs for getting steroids can do a lot of harm. So think deeply before buying steroids on an illegal source. Stanozolol price in our store is quite acceptable for all buyers.

You should always buy steroids legally from reputable sources. Naturally, you can get steroids on legal grounds, asking for advice to doctors, getting a recommendation if you really need these drugs. Stanozolol price is quite acceptable, therefore almost all sportsmen, including beginners, can afford the drug.

Buy Stanozolol 

If you have a prescription, you can buy stanozolol in almost every drugstore in the country. In some countries where it is not controlled, it can be obtained legally without a prescription. Many people prefer to buy online, and not in questionable places or street vendors. Before buying, make sure that you have time to read some reviews. Thus, you can be sure that you will receive a quality product at a reasonable price.
Before you buy stanozolol, read the label carefully and take the recommended dosage.

The labels on the stanozolol product should consist of the following information: 
1.    identification;
2.    net-content;
3.    the instruction manual;
4.    additions to the facts of the panel;
5.    dimensions of individual parts;
6.    amount and active ingredients;
7.    other components in descending order;
8.    advantages and title;
9.    manufacturer, packer or supplier. 

It's important! Always observe the daily dose recommended by the manufacturer -"more" isn't always better. If the manufacturer says two capsules a day, then you need to do just that. Buy stanozolol is should only at proven manufacturers. If you take several supplements, you should check to see if you get the same active ingredient from many sources to make sure that you do not go beyond the recommended daily intake for each particular ingredient. Buy stanozolol you can easily in our store, we offer a low price for products.

Stanozolol dosage

Stanozolol - dosages are determined according to the form of release. The drug is available in the form of tablets and ampoules, of which injections are made. 

●    According to the instructions, the tablets should be used at a dose of 20-50 mg per day. Took in quantity, they work up to 9 hours.
●    In turn, injections are used at a dose of 50 mg every 2-3 days because they work in the body for 48 hours. 

The course of treatment should not exceed 4-6 weeks. It should be remembered that stanozolol is a toxic agent, so it is worth taking co-medicines at the same time. Stanozolol dosage should be maximally optimal for the user, since this drug is of high quality and attractive cost.

It is also important to remember the contraindications to the drug which stanozolol dosage does not take any, even the most minimal. Do not take stanozolol without first consulting a doctor if:

1.    cured prostate cancer or breast cancer;
2.    hypercalcemia (high level of calcium in the blood);
3.    heart disease or blood vessel disease;
4.    high cholesterol in the blood;
5.    the problems with blood clotting;
6.    take oral anticoagulants;
7.    diabetes;
8.    problems with the liver or kidneys.

It's important!
Can observe many symptoms of drug poisoning with winstrol, but the most serious are the symptoms of liver dysfunction, that is, abdominal pain, pale feces, dark urine, fatigue, nausea or vomiting, yellow skin tone or yellow white eyes (symptoms of jaundice). If you have these symptoms when taking the drug, you must urgently stop taking and contact your doctor. The dosage of stanozolol should be selected correctly.

Stanozolol side effect

Stanozolol side effects, such as changes in libido, agitation, insomnia, increased erection rate, male pattern baldness, decreased glucose tolerance, liver dysfunction, clitoral enlargement and irregular menstruation, can be caused only by low-quality products. 

The drug taken in high doses, is toxic and can cause symptoms of poisoning:

1.    allergic reactions: shortness of breath, swelling of the mucous membranes of the throat and lips, tongue and even face;
2.    swelling of the hands or feet (especially the ankles);
3.    hoarse voice;
4.    loss of hair;
5.    menstrual disorders;
6.    appearance or worsening of symptoms of acne;
7.    insomnia;
8.    headaches;
9.    "drying" the joints;

The above stanozolol side effects can occur in both men and women, however, there are certain negative effects that are characteristic of sex. For example, men may experience problems such as a continuous erection, while women may experience such problems as:

1.    loss of hair;
2.    disorders of the menstrual cycle;
3.    possible hoarseness.

All these stanozolol side effects are related to the nature of these steroids, but these results additionally depend on the use of the product. These negative effects are further exacerbated if the drug is used improperly.

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