Primobolan (methenolone enanthate) 

Primobolan - is a relatively safe anabolic-androgenic steroid that slowly builds muscle mass and strength. It was synthesized in 1960 by Weichert and Caspar. It was first described in 1960 and has long been classified in the WADA list. As for the structure, it resembles DHT, but unlike other products in this group, it belongs to relatively weak drugs, which may be its main advantage as well as a disadvantage. Primobolan (methenolone enanthate) is an injectable version of steroid methenolone, which has a predominantly anabolic effect. The esters of enanthate contained in the steroid, provide a slow and gradual release. This fact contributes to a long half-life of 14 days.

Primobolan works well with a low-calorie diet, and its side effects are rarely a problem. It is considered relatively non-toxic, low androgenic and non-flavored. In addition, due to its positive effect on the immune system, it is very popular among AIDS patients. Some athletes prefer to combine mild anabolic drugs, such as Primobolan methenolone enanthate with Dianabol, Anadrol 50 or testosterone. When there is a choice between the drugs Primobolan, injection is preferable for use, because it is much more profitable. For people who are afraid of side effects. Metenolone, as one of the few oral agents on the market, is not a C17-alpha alkylated anabolic androgenic steroid. For those who want to build muscle or strength faster - this is not the best option.


Primobolan for sale

As for primobolan for sale, two versions of acetate and enanthate are available. When we delve into the history of this product, it can be found that these elements vary greatly in terms of accessibility and nature, but at the moment it is important to understand how they function independently.

Primobolan acetate contains ester acetate and the half-life is approximately 1-3 days. On the other hand, the enanthate version has a half-life of 10 to 14 days due to the fact that enanthate ester is attached to the primobolan primary structure instead of acetate ester. Although both of these compounds lead to the same results, they will occur at different rates in the body. Today it is not so difficult to find oral or injectable primobolan for sale online.

Primobolan, known as methenolone acetate (oral) or methenolone enanthate (injectable), is a synthetic form of testosterone. A bodybuilder or athlete who intends to establish the power of an analotic androgenic steroid in an organism for non-medical purposes should at least know and understand how this steroid works. Primobolan for sale - is a relatively gentle steroid with moderate anabolic and androgenic potential, which is evaluated for effectiveness only under the action of testosterone.


Buy primobolan

Buying anabolic products on the Internet is extremely difficult because of the many fakes and unscrupulous sellers. Follow the details in the list below to avoid disappointment and buy primobolan from a trusted manufacturer:

1.    Accreditation of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).
2.    A lot of positive feedback from existing customers.
3.    Fully traceable products.
4.    Products that have been tested for purity.
5.    Products actually used in the medical industry (ideal).

These items ensure a safe purchase and ensure that your product is properly concentrated, sterile and responsible. Some of the best places to buy primobolan on the Internet are the most reliable brands: Myogen, Thaiger-Pharma, Farmak, Alpha-Pharma, Pharma, Meditech, Atlas-Farm, Landerlan, Genshi, Bavarian.

If you buy from any of these suppliers, you will see that the above criteria are met, which leads to excellent and safe results. Don't be tempted by cheap deals elsewhere. If you pay less, you are probably buying illegal merchandise. If you are looking for high-quality anabolics, you are worried about the law and you want to stay safe, you are invited to visit proven sponsors who can provide you with high-quality legal anabolics without a prescription.


Primobolan results

Primobolan is a synthetic or laboratory-developed form of an anabolic androgenic steroid, similar in nature to testosterone. Like testosterone, using Primobolan does give bodybuilders a number of positive benefits. Primobolan results include:

●    accelerated development of muscle mass;
●    reducing the ratio of body fat;
●    enhancing the synthesis of red blood cells;
●    increased nitrogen retention in the muscles;
●    increase strength, endurance.

Primobolan is available in two different forms: Primobolan acetate / Methenolone acetate (oral) and Primabolan enanthate / methanolone enanthate (injection). Various esters (acetate and enanthate) affect the activity and durability of the drug in the body. This will also affect the dosage and result. Primobolan results of injection and oral form:

1.    Acetate is a more powerful, but shorter, active ester, which provides more direct work in terms of results, although enanthate is longer, but not quite “powerful.”
2.    Injectable form is preferable among bodybuilders for a number of reasons, including the protection of the liver.

It all depends on your sources. The same applies to the strength and quality of the product you purchased. These factors can influence the results.


Primobolan dosage

Primoloban is perceived as the softest steroid available on the market, which is great for beginners, older and vulnerable users. The drug is available orally and by injection. Injections are useful because they can be used for some time and need to be administered intravenously once a week. Oral taken daily or several times a day. The oral passage passes through the liver twice. Inject only once. Injections are more effective because they give a more effective result. Primobolan dosage:

1.    The standard effective dose is 100-200 mg per week. In medicine, the drug is used even for a long time.
2.    Beginners can take a dose of 200-300 mg per week. The result can not be stunning, but for a person who will combine it (testosterone propionate / enanthate) must be satisfactory - given the low weediness.
3.    More experienced people start at 400-600 mg per week. The term of use should be long and be at least 10-12, or from 16 weeks to 20-24 weeks.

Bodybuilders often reach doses of 600 to 800 mg per week, which is very useful for them. Such high doses can contribute to side effects, but they are usually quite mild.

Primobolan is almost never used alone. Most bodybuilders combine it with other steroids to increase the anabolic effect. While working on the definition, they use non-automated SAA stacks, such as Halotestin or Trenbolone. This contributes to a high-quality, very "hard" definition. Another option is to combine Primobolan with Winstrol or another steroid with a high A / A ratio in favor of anabolicity.  This combination also improves the definition and minimal increase in muscle mass with relatively low side effects. If we strive to increase muscle mass, then add testosterone / dianabol / anadol. In this case, we are exposed to aromatization and related side effects. 

Primobolan dosage for women shows very good results with low doses of 50 - 100 mg per week. They often take Primoplan in combination with Winstrol or Oxandolone, increasing the anabolic effect of treatment. Then you need to carefully control androgenic side effects. Primobolan is recommended for beginner women to take pill form because they have a limited anabolic effect.


Primobolan side effects  (methenolone enanthate)

Primobolan side effects has even the fact that it is a very delicate steroid, which does not cause any unpleasant changes in the body. Taking in doses of 100-300 mg per week, it does not block the natural production of testosterone, so PCT unblocking after the completion of the cycle is not required. This need arises only when using large quantities of the product. In addition, side effects characteristic of anabolic androgenic steroids can occur with increasing doses, i.e. baldness, body hair growth and skin problems. Primobolan side effects may include:

1.    Suppression of natural testosterone.
2.    Suppression of good HDL cholesterol.
3.    Increased bad LDL cholesterol.
4.    Virilization in women.
5.    Possible hair growth on the body.
6.    Effects on the heart usually do not include high blood pressure, but in rare cases changes may occur.

Any anabolic androgenic steroid, even at low doses, can cause a number of unexpected methenolone enanthate side effects.

1.    Primobolan - is the fact of hair loss or fiction? Some articles found on bodybuilding sites and muscle discussion forums have argued that hair loss is not an obvious problem, but it depends on the user's genetic predisposition. Steroids do not cause hair loss, they simply speed up the process for those who are genetically predisposed to it.
2.    It is known that methenolone enanthate side effects for the cardiovascular system, such as negative changes in cholesterol. This is typical of all anabolic steroids. Methenolone can lower HDL and increase LDL (bad cholesterol). This can increase the chances of getting arteriosclerosis, and the problem can be reached with higher doses.

Other factors that may increase the negative change in cholesterol include the route of administration and the duration of use. When it comes to the route of administration, oral food intake is considered the worst because of the negative effects on cholesterol compared to injectable anabolic steroids. This is due to the fact that the human liver is responsible for processing cholesterol, and an increase in hepatotoxicity due to the administration of an oral anabolic steroid can aggravate negative changes in cholesterol.

Manufacturers recommend a clean diet that includes healthy cholesterol-stimulating foods such as omega-3 fatty acids and fish oil every day during the Methenolone cycle. This is one of the ways bodybuilders strive to counteract this side effect of Primobolan and keep under control the good and bad cholesterol. Thanks to these features Primobolan is perceived as the softest measure available on the market.

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